Waist Sculpturing

Liposuction can dramatically change the shape and size of the waist and help with creating an overall slimmer appearance. It is very common for women to have fullness around the waist, as naturally women have more fat stored in the waist area, due to hormones driving fat to be stored in the waist and hip area. This is why the procedure is very popular amongst women (and some men) who live a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly but still struggle with losing weight around their waist. ( the waist area is notorious for is resistance to diet and exercise)

Waste sculpturing through liposuction reduces the fullness that our patients experience around the waist, which can lead to bra bulge or bunching of the skin just above the waist. The procedure can dramatically improve the size and shape of the waist, often leading to several centimetres being reduced from the area, as well as almost entirely removing rolls beneath the bra strap that many women feel self-conscious about.

Waist liposuction can be combined with treatments of other areas, such as the stomach and hips, which will perfect the overall appearance of the torso. However, you will still see amazing results with waist sculpturing alone, leaving you the optimal female silhouette.


Waist sculpturing through liposuction removes the excess fat, or soft tissue fullness, around the waist. Incisions will be made by the waist for the surgeon to insert the cannula, which is a tool used to loosen the fat as it is being suctioned out. With backwards and forwards motions, along the surface area of the waist, the cannula will be used to break up the fat cells, and then suctioned out of the body, with a gentle suction motion. Once the desired amount of excess fat has been removed from the area, the surgeon will close the incisions and you’ll be on your way to a speedy recovery.


The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, however, if a patient wishes to be asleep during the procedure then you may opt for general anaesthetic. All anaesthesia administered by experienced board-certified anaesthetists.


If small areas of fat are being removed, then the patient can return home that same day. If larger areas are being removed they will need to stay overnight to be monitored.


It is common to experience some swelling, bruising and mild pain or discomfort after the procedure. The discomfort felt is usually mild and any pain associated with the procedure can be eased with pain medication prescribed by the surgeon. A compression garment will be given to the patient and must be worn as the surgeon recommends. It is important to have a friend or family member there to drive you home, as you will be swollen and bruised and may experience some pain or discomfort.


Feeling better and back to work: a few days- a week.
Strenuous activity: 2-4 weeks post-surgery.
Fading of scars: Several months to a year.


Reduces the fullness around the waist.
Can dramatically change the shape and size of the waist.
Reduces bunching of the skin just above the waist.
Creates more of an hour-glass figure.
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