Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal, or reduction, is a simple in-office surgical treatment used to reduce fullness in the lower cheeks. The treatment usually takes under an hour and is performed through a small incision inside of the mouth. The discomfort is minor, and recovery is simple. Buccal fat is a pad of natural fat that rests within your lower cheeks. It’s part of a collection of fat that stretches up to your temple and serves to cushion the chewing muscles. Buccal fat can get enlarged in certain people, resulting in a disproportionate amount of fullness in the lower face. Buccal fat removal in Cape Town can help you attain your desired look by reducing facial fullness, enhancing the natural contours of your face, and reducing facial fullness. It’s tough to lose fat in a specific area of the body, and fat around the face is notoriously resistant to diet and exercise. The size of the buccal fat pad varies from person to person and is genetically pre-determined. It might also be asymmetrical or different in each cheek. Although a soft and round face is typically associated with a youthful appearance, it is possible for a person’s face to appear excessively large. Buccal fat removal in South Africa (also commonly referred to as a cheek reduction) is a targeted option for those wanting to slim down their face. The ideal candidate for buccal fat removal in South Africa is physically fit, has a consistent weight, and does not smoke. This treatment is ideal for someone who is concerned by the look of chubbier cheeks but has been unable to obtain results through diet and exercise. Patients who already have a thin or narrow face should avoid the surgery since it might make them look gaunt.


The surgery is performed from the inside of the mouth, leaving no visible scars on the face. To improve the patient’s youthful features and overall face form, the surgeon will carefully remove the appropriate quantity of buccal fat pad. Once anaesthetised, a small incision will be made from the inside of your cheeks and the surgeon will manually locate the buccal fat pads, which will then be removed.


Buccal fat removal will be performed under a local anaesthetic. However, if the patient is combing buccal fat removal with another procedure then general anaesthetic may be required. All anaesthesia is administered by experienced board-certified anaesthetists.


Buccal fat removal will result in patients being discharged on the same day, as the procedure is minimally invasive and will usually not require monitoring. However, if the patient is combining the procedure with another, then it may be required to stay overnight in our recovery clinic.


There will be swelling of the face following the procedure, however, the swelling will go down over the following several weeks, and you’ll begin to see results in as little as two weeks. The final results of this treatment will take anywhere from two to four months to see. After buccal fat removal, there is relatively little discomfort. The majority of patients do not require pain medication, and many are surprised to discover that the recovery time is rather painless. Although there may be some swelling, bruising is usually minor and frequently undetectable.


Feeling better and back to work: 1-3 days. Strenuous activity:2-4 weeks Scarring:There are no visible indications or scars from this type of surgery because it is conducted entirely inside your mouth.


The overall appearance is that of a patient who has lost weight and has a more chiselled face with higher cheekbones.
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