The hips are one of the most difficult places to lose weight and when exercising and a healthy diet don’t provide the results you would like, liposuction is worth considering understanding that it is an incredible tool in gaining the slim and toned body you desire.

Liposuction (liposcultpture) of the hips can assist drastically with removing inches off the hips. The hips are an area on the body which produces resultimmense visible improvement and results in smaller clothing sizes as well as an overall slimmed out figure.

Hips liposuction is more common amongst women as women naturally have more fat stored in the hip area. This is due to hormones driving fat to be stored in the waist and hip areas. This excess fat tends to stay with us, or in some cases, increase as we age, making it a rather tiresome and difficult journey in getting rid of the fat in the hip and pelvic region.

The procedure can help with achieving the hourglass figure many women desire or create an overall slimmer appearance. No matter the reasoning behind wanting to remove excess fat around the hips, you will be happy with the final result as hip liposuction is one of the best areas to show dramatic results.


Small incisions will be made via the hips for the surgeon to insert the cannula, which is a tool used to loosen the fat as it is being suctioned out. With backwards and forwards motions, along the surface area of the hips, the cannula will be used to break up the fat cells, and then sucked out of the body, with a gentle suction motion. Once the desired amount of fat has been removed the surgeon will close the incisions. The procedure time is dependent on various factors, such as height, weight, number and the amount of excess fat needing to be removed.


Hips liposuction is performed under local anaesthetic, however, if a patient wishes to be asleep during the procedure then you may opt for general anaesthetic. All anaesthesia is administered by experienced board-certified anaesthetists.


If small areas of fat are being removed, then the patient can return home that same day. If larger areas are being removed they will need to stay overnight to be monitored.


Every patient varies in post-op recovery, and it is common to experience some swelling, bruising and mild pain or discomfort after the procedure. A compression garment will be dispensed and must be worn as the surgeon recommends. The discomfort felt is rather mild and has been compared to muscle stiffness after a hard workout, making liposuction an easy recovery and even more attractive to many potential patients. All patients will be given prescription medication for any pain felt, which will make the days after the procedure easy with minor discomfort.


Feeling better and back to work: a few days – a week.
Strenuous activity: 2-4 weeks post-surgery.
Fading of scars: Several months to a year.


Can help drastically with removing inches off the hips.
Creates more of an overall slimmer appearance.
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