As we age our face begins to lose the tightness we once had, and many patients turn to a facelift as the only option for correcting a drooping face. However, if sagging skin isn’t necessarily the main issue then jawline liposuction ( mostly younger patients) may better the contours of the face and decrease the heaviness of the lower face, creating a more youthful appearance.

Liposuction of the face can be beneficial for most patients wanting to remove fat in their face, however, younger patients (between the age of 30-50 years old), whose main concern may not be sagging skin but just a general amount of fat that they would like removed, are the ideal candidates.

To achieve the desired look of a slimmer jawline and facial structure, small cannulas are used for the micro-liposuction to precisely contour the lower half of the face. As facial liposuction is a highly advanced procedure, the patient must have various factors which will make them a suitable candidate, such as the amount of superficial fat and location of the fat, as well as the structure of the face and skin elasticity.


The procedure is performed with great precision using very small cannulas that are designed for micro-liposuction. For liposuction of the jowls, a small needle is inserted externally, and the surgeon then uses manual pressure to suction out the fat from the lower region of the face. This is done using specialised micro-cannula equipment.


Local anaesthesia will be used for liposuction procedures focused on the removal of smaller areas of fat (neck, chin and jawline). Larger and more complicated areas require anaesthesia, administered by experienced board-certified anaesthetists.


Liposuction of the jawline will result in patients being discharged on the same day, as the area of fat removal is on a smaller scale and will usually not require monitoring.


Patients can expect some degree of discomfort, which can be treated with pain medication prescribed by the surgeon. The discomfort or pain should go away within a few days. The will be some minor bruising and swelling around the incision area, however, this should subside within a few weeks and the final result develops over 3 months.


Feeling better and back to work: 1-3 days.
Strenuous activity: 2 weeks post-surgery.
Fading of scars: Several months to a year.
Neck band to be worn at night for approximately 2 weeks.


Improve the contours of the face and decreases the heaviness of the lower face, creating a more youthful appearance.
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