Chin liposuction surgery is becoming increasingly popular around the globe, as many have experienced the ongoing struggle of not being able to get rid of their double chin. This is mainly due to there not being any specific exercise that targets the fat stored underneath the chin. To fully get rid of a persistent double chin, patients often opt for chin liposuction to give them the slimmed facial appearance they desire.

The ideal candidate for chin liposuction is someone who has maintained healthy eating habits and stable body weight while exercising regularly. Patients who are aligned with this criteria are seen as the ideal candidates for chin liposuction, as despite living a healthy lifestyle they are unable to get rid of a double chin.

Liposuction of the chin might not be the first thing to consider if you currently live an unhealthy lifestyle. Patients who are suffering from obesity or being unhealthy overweight may want to maintain a healthy diet plan and exercise routine before moving forward with liposuction to remove excess chin fat.


The procedure is performed by making a small incision underneath the chin. Once made, the surgeon will insert a small tube (cannula), by inserting the cannula in the incision, the surgeon can remove the fat between the skin and muscle. This removal of the fat under the chin is achieved through a gentle suction process.
Liposuction is the gentle art of sculpting the underlying fat. This is always performed in a very accurate and precise manner resulting in a smooth well contoured appearance.


local anaesthesia with intravenous sedation as it is a small area of fat removal. Should the area be large or additional areas are to be worked on then the anaesthesia is administered by experienced board-certified anaesthetists.


Patients having chin liposuction can return home that same day, as the area of fat being removed is small.


Commonly the side-effects of the procedure are minor bruising, swelling and temporary numbness. This only lasts for a relatively short amount of time and should be completely reduced after a few weeks. There is usually very little pain felt post-op, and if the pain does occur it can be combated with prescribed pain medication.


Feeling better and back to work: 1-3 days.
Strenuous activity: 2 weeks post-surgery.
Fading of scars: Patients can expect minor scarring, however, the location where the incision(3-4 mm in length) is made tends to hide the scars quite well. The scars will fade over several months to a year.
It will be necessary to wear a neck band at night for approximately 2 weeks. Application and gentle massage with the surgeon’s choice tissue oil is mandatory.


Slimmed facial appearance.
Removal of a double chin.
Well Contoured Jawline.
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